Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Now We Have 3 !!!!!!!!!!

I guess it all started to go down hill at 4:45am yesterday, that's when Kelly texted me and said he was staying home in bed. He had to fly yesterday and is out of town till Thursday so he wanted to stay home a little longer.

With that text I rolled over and knew my day was shot. I told myself I would run when I got home, but I knew better. I came home and we fixed dinner. I worked on my bike a little and read the ending of my book. Went to bed at 9:30 and never did any exercise.

Damn I hate that! I know I am doing good and it's hardly anything to get upset about, but I really want to see where I am at the end of the year as far as days of exercise. My perfect goal would be to have exercised like 300 of 365, but when you figure in a few weeks vacation and a few long weekends. Plus my average so far is 3 days for the first month. Take that average and I will miss 36 days right there. Then throw in 18 days for 2 weeks vacation and that is 54 right out of the gate.

"IF" I stick with the 3 days a month. Which you know I will have a few months with more days than that, I would be over anyway. No I am not gonna beat myself up over this figure all year, but I just want it as low as I can go, and yes I did go swim this morning. I got in a 1000 yards so I am back on track.

I hope to get in the woods tonight for a night ride. Maybe that would make up for yesterday!!!!

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