Friday, January 11, 2013

That Could Have been Bad.....

I am referring to the moment when I stood up and started cranking down on the pedals, I had just started up the hill and "pow". Snapped the chain!

The resulting instantaneous shock of trying to keep from going over the bars and grabbing the grips so hard and leaning over the front end so fast has my whole upper body sore this morning. Charles and I were at Beatty and on the second lap.

He got to finish, I got to walk!

From the very back furthest point from the truck. That's always the way  it is! If it's gonna break it will happen at that point. Guaranteed every time! So Charles got to ride a full ride and I got to go home.

I did get up and get in my swim this morning, 850 yards or 16 laps. I am improving, 3 times a week is the schedule so I need to stick with it. So with that I am at 9/11 for the year, 9 out of 11 days!

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