Thursday, January 31, 2013

Gettin' Old ...............

At least that's what I have been told! This morning, by one of my co-workers. Yep I was sitting here at my desk, I had just arrived and someone else asked me if I went swimming this morning.

"Yep", I replied!

That's when the other person piped up, "your getting old, why do you keep doing all this stuff".

Because it's fun! Was my reply.

"Really, riding 50 miles or swimming or running, you call that fun"

"Yep", my reply....again.

"Bullshit", his reply. "Maybe when you were a kid, now your an adult".

"Why would that make a difference" I said?

"You need to grow up", he said.

"You just said I was an adult now, and now your saying I'm not", make up your mind!

Now he's kinda of tired of the whole conversation, I am not. He's trying to look the other way and ignore me. It ain't gonna work.

"So your saying only kids do all that stuff and adults don't", he can't ignore that and I get a reply.

"Yea", he says.

"Only fat lazy people think that way", is my reply!

"I walk everyday!" he says.

To which I point out "it ain't helping much, your still over weight".

"Maybe you need to try running or something else".

I really can't type what he said after that comment. My mom doesn't like when I use a lot of foul language in here.

Now I am amused though, I can't help but keep talking.

"When you where a kid you ran and played and swam, the only reason you don't now is your to heavy to enjoy these things"

"Loose weight and you can play too". My latest jab!

"Grow up", that's all he's got.

Now I am bored with the conversation!!!!!!!!!!!

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