Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Sometimes Ya' Just Gotta Do It .......

Your never gonna make all the people happy all the time so just stop trying! With that thought I decided to hit the trails yesterday. Yea it rained here and yes it's soaked out side.

Could I do it now? No.... It's rained too much.......

But yesterday I woke to a really slight drizzle. I went back to bed, they claimed it was gonna rain all day so I figured it was on the way. It was! Finally about 12 I was tired of doing nothing and it still hadn't started raining yet so I hit the road.

I saw a few walkers and that was about it. I got 21 miles in and never even broke a sweat. I went with the plan of taking my time and enjoying the day. That worked for the first 2 laps but lap 3 was a different story. It finally started to rain and rain hard!

I loved it! Old school.... Riding in the rain baby!!!!

That's like a cardinal sin these days. So when you do get a ride in the rain, it always feels like you snuck one in...... Nobody there just me and the deer..

Yea the deer, for some reason I saw a group of 5 and a group of 7 yesterday. I haven't seen that many all summer! So For all the people who sat on the couch yesterday, ha! I got one in!

Then this morning I hit the gym for my swim! So far so good 2 days in and 2 days worth of exercise! Maybe I need to keep up with the total this year, 2/2.........

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