Thursday, January 3, 2013


I guess my luck has run out! Tuesday, New Years Day I got lucky and got my ride in before the rain started. Well at least the majority of it. I did get rained on for the last half lap.

So today I wanted to go tonight, don't look good! As much as I disagree with the 24 hour rule sometimes it's needed. I work right here in Matthews so for lunch I went out to Beatty Park.

It's a mess! The new section is so wet you can't even walk it, the rest would probably be OK but as cold as it is I know it's not gonna dry very much between now and sunset. Tuesday I didn't bother to checkout the new section, they had a sign saying it was closed so I skipped it anyway. It's right beside the parking lot so I checked it out today.

I know Steve's will be wet in the bottoms so it will need another day.

The bottom line.

Rules and gates suck but it is what it is. Plus I hate doing bike maintenance so why create more for myself!!!!!!

Looks like the pool for laps..................

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