Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I Must Be Crazy............

But I am gonna look good in my new hoodie! I might need a mental checkup when Monday comes around, that's taking for granted the fact I can still walk. But what the hell I am am game.

You probably wonder what I am talking about. Yea the winter short track races started Sunday and there are 4 more of them but I don't think it's gonna workout this year.


Well first of all I hate "short track racing", you get all the roadies who have nothing else to do this time of year. They all come out and think they are the shit, they take it way to serious for a 5 dollar medal. Then you have the fact that it takes all day, I would race and then we wait for the kids to race and that means you stand around a lot.

Not counting the fact that I end up spending about a 100 bucks just on entry fee's to ride around a 1/2 mile loop. Not my favorite thing. I am ready for the cross country races to start. 

Plus we have a series on parenting that started Sunday at church and I liked the first leason. We have 4 more weeks and we want to be there. When the cross country series starts I am gonna be missing plenty of church so I might as well go while I can. Besides everybody with kids can learn a thing or too about being a good parent.

Now for the crazy part!

Since I can't stand short track racing and have church plans I decided to start running! How do you do that? I saw a flier for a trail race at the White Water Center, it is this Saturday. I looked it up and found out you get a sweet cotton hoodie sweat shirt and a free breakfast after the race. It starts at 9am Saturday morning. When I signed up there where already 580 people signed up! If that many people are doing it it must be fun! Am I ready for a race, NO, have I done any training, NO. Will it be fun YEP...

I signed up for the 4 mile race. They have 9 and 13 mile options, but I might actually need to train for that! Back 20 years ago I used to do some trail running and it was fun. So now I am gonna do more....

I might not be able to walk come Sunday but I will look good in my new hoodie !!!!!!!!!!

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