Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Getting More Used To It.....

"It", being riding my bike in the woods all by myself! In the dark! Yea I go night riding at night quit a bit. But it's always with a group! Sometimes they leave me and I end up riding by myself anyway but at least knowing they are out there, I am alright.

So lately I have been going a lot more by myself, reason being I need to. Why? Because I am 44 years old, I know there is no "boogie man" and I want to do a solo mountain ride one of these days. Which would require sleeping in the mountains by myself. In the dark!

So I swam yesterday and went home last night. Karen and I went to K-mart and put some more camping stuff on lay-away. Our trip to camp on the beach isn't till June but we like to be ready and by being ready that means not waiting till the last minute to acquire all the gear we need. It's called budgeting!

We'll I hadn't planned on riding last night but the weather was perfect! Plus the rain is on the way and it will probably be awhile before we can get back in the woods again. So I loaded up and headed across the county to Beatty Park. Knocked out a couple of laps and headed home.

In the dark by myself...... Nope the "boogie man" didn't get me either!!

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