Monday, January 28, 2013

The Pressure Is On...........

It may be self imposed but it's still "on". Yes, yesterday came and went, I rode the bike down at Cheraw for a few laps and came home that was about the highlight of the day. I just didn't feel like doing the gym game again.

Saturday was a great day at the gym and I look forward to doing a routine like that again. Then today I got up and just didn't feel like going swimming. I have been everyday for the last two weeks and I just didn't feel like going. So roll over I did!

"Now the pressure is on" I have to go home and do something! If not I will have a total of three days no exercise for the year. To early for that, I think I might run again. As long as I do something my streak will stay intact. Plus we have the 5k this Saturday. I need to run a few more times just so I can be prepared.

Last time I did nothing to prepare, so I need to make up for that. Chase is happy and looking forward to it. So it should be a good day. The next race coming up might just be at the beach. Steve is running a marathon down at Myrtle Beach in 3 weeks and they have a 5k the day before. Sounds like a good reason to go to the beach!

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