Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I Hurt.....

My legs hurt! I came home and mowed the yard and then went to get Chase. He was over at his buddy Austin's house. From my house to his through the field behind the church and to his neighborhood is about a mile and a half.

I took off, I was gonna walk. Well I didn't get far and decided why not start running! I am gonna do this triathlon in Sept. , why not now. Let's start working on the running.

Now this morning I have that feeling, that good feeling. The one you get when you pushed yourself and you are sore. Yes "I Hurt" but it's a good hurt. If you exercise and push yourself, weather it's aerobics or golf, tennis, whatever you know what I mean.

So Steve sent me the email a few weeks ago about this triathlon and has been on me since. So far I have kinda been avoiding the subject but he keeps asking. So last night when I started running, I think that would have been the exact moment I decided "why not".

Corporate Challenge, here I come! Yes this will be my first shot at something like this so it's gonna be interesting. Next we are gonna hit the pool!!!!!!

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  1. dude............I did 18 sprints before my last knee surgery, dont kill yourself running, work on swimming, hammer the bike, cruise the run, hell the last 3 I did I walked the run part.