Friday, April 6, 2012

Looking Good.............

Yep, thinks are looking good! It looks like I am gonna take my first short tour. Not this weekend but next! I believe the stars are all gonna line up and I am gonna head south.

I have had this route in my mind for awhile now. I plan to pedal out of the driveway take my time and head toward McBee, SC. Sugar Loaf MTN State Park. It sits between McBee and Cheraw SC.

From the house I think it's about 75 miles. My plan is to get up Saturday AM and just take my time getting there. Spend the night and take my time coming home. Kinda of a test, I want to see how my limited equipment selection works out and what I want to change.

Like I said the other day my list is a short list of what other people have taken and used. Some people take a lot more some take a lot less. I want to use my stove and see how that works out. It better work pretty good because where I am going there aren't any restaurants around!

I just want to see how it feels to travel with so much stuff on the bike. After riding such light weight stuff for so long and basing my purchases on weight it feels weird to pile so much stuff on a bike and plan to pedal it.

Right now if you try to pickup the bike with all the stuff on it, the thing ways a ton! It's still easy to pedal just because of the low gearing, you just have to get it in your mind that you are not in a hurry. Taking your time is a new mindset, I am still adjusting to it.

So today will be a trip to the bike shop for one or two items, then I need to hit Dick's Sporting Goods and I will have just about everything I feel I need.

I do know the tent I have is a little big and heavier than what most people would use but it will work for the first few trips. I still need front bags for longer trips but I am at the starting line!

Yes I will be pedaling this weekend. Sunday will be with the family but Saturday I plan to take a nice ride. Still hooked on the road bike right now, the mtn bike is in the corner. I will get back to it sooner or later..

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