Thursday, April 5, 2012

What A Night !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I looked at the watch, it was 5:18. Good I have a couple of hours. Down the driveway I went, do I want to go right or left? The driveway is 800ft, I had a few minutes to think about it. It's gravel so I don't go that fast.

At the end I turned left, now what? After a little thought I decided to just do my 32 mile loop backwards, usually I end up coming through Monroe, this time I started by "going" through Monroe. South I went!

Past the "American Ark Horse Farm" on Medlin Rd.

It's really a neat place, I always like going by there. They have all kinda horse related things, arena's cross-country courses, show rings. If it's horse related it's there. Being from Kentucky I can appreciate the place!

Then after a few miles I cut over to mountain view off 601 south and then back towards Monroe. Looking at my mileage I was only 15 miles into the ride. I was feeling good and enjoying the perfect temps so it seemed way to early to head that way. Change of plans, lets turn right!

Marshville here I come, so after a short period of time I was in Marshville. I stop at the store, I look at my mileage and it says 21 so I figure "what the heck, lets do 40 tonight".

During the week I usually try to do around 20-25 miles just so I am not gone all evening. Last night was just to sweet. I went out of town and headed the long way around to the house. I went out to 5-points and then hung another right away from the house.

Down McIntyre and across lawyers all the way to New Salem Rd. Finally I turned left and headed home. One more left on Hwy200 and past the road I live on, I had 40 and knew I could add 3 more miles just by going around the block.

The bottom of the hill came and I made a right, time to take the helmet off and cool down. Up the hill and down the road taking my time in my smallest gear, two more rights and I was coming down the driveway.

Ride over, clock said it was 7:48. The light was fading and I knew it was around 7:30. Two and a half hours, 44 miles and 17.5 average speed! That was a good ride! 

My first thought was I need to turn around and go the long way to the store. I should have gone for 50! Yes it would have been dark by the time I got home and no I didn't have my lights. But from the store down the back road to the house I might have seen 1 car.

Oh well you only get so many nights like last night. The weather was perfect, wind was minimal and I just had that rhythm. Can't wait for the next ride!!!!!!

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