Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Back To The Bike ...............

Yes we are still the National Champions for the 8th time ! I love being able to say that . It's been a long time coming .

But now it's time to get back to the bike , yes I have been riding a lot lately . No reason in particular , other than the fact I love to ride .

I seem to enjoy riding more when I am at this stage than I do when I am racing all the time .

So with that being said I have been slowly getting all my stuff together for a tour . If you read this regularly you have heard me mention this . I think the last time I mentioned anything was back at Christmas when I got a few things for this purpose .

I rode for 4 days straight over the weekend and the end of last week , so for the last 2 days I have taken time off , letting my legs recover . My last ride Sunday I was really dragging by the time I got home so rest was in order .

I have been taking this time to put together most of my stuff and see where I am ?

I loaded the bike with everything but clothes and even took it for a test ride last night ! I had a grin from ear to ear . I know people where looking at me like what the hell, but I was having fun !

I have already come to the conclusion my panniers suck , when I decided I wanted to tour I got on line and ordered the first bags I found . Mistake number one .

They will work for short tours but if I ever find the time for a multi day tour they ain't gonna work ! To small ! As you can see I have a new handlebar bag , Ortlieb the best they make from what I have read . I bought it from a guy used , found him through a touring website ! This site is like the touring mecca for the touring enthusiast ! I still need front bags and a rack for the front , but right now I can at least get short rides in .

What you see here is basically everything but my clothes and food . Yes I still need another water bottle cage and a few odds and ends but I am almost there !

I have the bag on this side of the bike full and still have the other side empty , its for clothes and food .

This side has the following plus the stuff on top :   My tent
                                                                          Sleeping bag (in a dry bag)
                                                                          Therma-rest (for sleeping on)

In the bag I have the following :   Camp stove
                                                  Stove fuel
                                                  Zip ties (always need them)
                                                  Fork and spoon
                                                  Patch kit
                                                  Pots and pan (light weight)
                                                  Multi tool
                                                  Tire levers
                                                  Compass (wife felt I needed that)
                                                  Small first-aid kit
                                                  Air pillow
Where did I come up with this list ? Basically from reading what other people have taken . Trial and error will probably change it up , no doubt about that .

Front bar bag I have the following :     Sunscreen
                                                          Chap stick

I am hoping to get out next weekend , I would be in trouble if I tried to go this weekend ...........

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