Monday, April 2, 2012

Once Again , Monday.........

I guess the highlight of the weekend would have to be the fact that my Kentucky Wildcats are still playing ! We have the National Championship tonight !

Of course my favorite team is the Kentucky Wildcats , and of all teams to end up in the championship with them would be the Kansas Jayhawks !

I grew up in Lexington and spent all my summers in Kansas !

So in a way , win or loss I am still coming out on top ! Go Kentucky !!!!

OK , I did ride my bike a lot ! I rode Saturday for about 40 miles and yesterday I went out for 35 . Between the 2 days my legs are tired !

I spent both days in the hills of Union County , by the time I crossed hwy 218 to come home yesterday I was really considering calling Cody to come get me !

Now that he has his license I have options ! Not good options , just options !

I hung in there and made it home but I was dragging !! I had nothing left , just the will to end the ride . I wanted to be done .

I kept telling myself just get home and take a few days of . You need a recovery day , you deserve it just get up this next hill and you will only have 5 more hills !

Yes I was counting them down !

So that makes today a rest day , a game day , a lazy day....

I do have one picture for you though , how many of these have you ever seen ?

Me ? One time on the road one time in a bike shop ! You gotta love the innovation , how it rides I have no ideal !!!!!!!!!!!!

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