Monday, April 23, 2012

Ever Hit Your head ????

Well I did! Yesterday I went down to Cheraw and hit the sandy trails. You can ride them rain or shine and it was raining. I have ridin the road bike for the last few weeks and haven't even touched the mtn bike.

I didn't feel like riding the road in the rain and dealing with all the cars and their over spray so I went out on the mtn bike. You would think if you haven't ridin in the woods for several weeks you might take it easy.


I hit the trail wide open and within a mile I hit the ground so hard my head still hurts today! haven't done that in awhile. I bounced right up and kept going but it took awhile to get my thoughts back together!

My first thought you ask? Damn that was stupid! I know better than that! Especially when it's wet outside, what the hell was I thinking? Even the base of my neck hurts where I racked my head!

Good news is my helmet came out all right! Yes, I am glad I had it on. It could have been worse!

Saturday I rode the road bike to Pageland and back. I parked at Rock rest school and went from there. 40 miles later I was back at the truck and headed home. The best part of that ride was the fact I went early AM.

I got my ride in and was still home by 11.

SC number 1 export pine needles

The fields are really green right now and growing like crazy. The traffic was low and the temp was right!

Update on the Gold Wing: New battery installed and no results. Fuel pump seems to be locked up. Tonight it goes on the trailer and heads to the shop. List of items to be done. Fix water leak, new fuel pump, change the oil, new air filter and new plugs!

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