Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New Project..........

What's the next best thing if you don't have a new bike in the works! Do something different.

mine's all red
I have had this old Bridgestone since it was brand new. I bought it some where around 92'. Well I decided to take all my parts off of the Motobecane and put them on the old school frame. I only have one or two items I need to purchase and I can make this complete.

free shipping what a deal !!!!
The main item I will need to purchase will be a crank. I have been wanting to try a compact crank and now will be a good time. The rest of the components are all Ultegra and Cane Creek so it will turn out pretty sweet!

When do I plan to start on it? Not to long, I don't want to until I have everything. Right now I am still hung up on riding the road bike and I sure don't want to take it apart until I can put it back together.

I haven't ridin the mtn bike in a month or so. I go through spells where I just get tired of the local trails. Plus I can head out the end of the drive way and head any direction I want. I will get back to it before long but right now I am on the road....

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