Monday, April 30, 2012

Ready For The Weeksnd!!!!!!

You know your setting yourself up for a long week when you are ready for the weekend on Monday! I can't help it, that's way I roll!

I rode the road bike all weekend and took a few pictures here and there. I just didn't bring the camera this morning so we will get them up tomorrow. I am still hung up on the road bike so all the miles were put in on it.

I was looking for a change of pace as far scenery goes so this weekend so I went out the south side of town both days. I seem to always head southeast or north out of Unionville. So it was a nice change of pace.

One of the reasons I like the road bike is I seem to need about 5 miles to really get warmed up. So when I head out it just works for me to ease into it. It's funny because most of the time I feel like the ride doesn't even start until I am about 8 miles into it.

Then when I am headed to the house I usually feel like I am home when I am still 8 miles from the house. I find that's an easy way to get in an extra 15 or so miles!

So the highlight of the weekend would be the fact I feel like I have a new bike! How did that happen you ask? Well my road bike has about 8000 miles on it and I have never given it ANY maintenance. None, not at all! It's always worked.

Of course I have kept the chain lubed and it's had new tires and brake pads but that's it! Why mess with what works!

Well last week it quit working. I no longer had the front derailleur and was stuck in the little front chain ring. So that's the way I rode Saturday! Sunday I got up and went to the car wash and it got it's "first" major bath!

Then I came home and lubed all the cables and hit the bottom bracket with a little love and bam! We are back in action! It was so smooth I swear I felt like I was riding a new bike!

Maybe this thing called maintenance might not be so over rated.......Hm....I might give it some thought.....

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