Monday, April 9, 2012

Ya Never Know ........

OK first off, Chase had a buddy over the other night. Nice little kid by the name of Aaron, along with Aaron came a gas mask! Yes a "gas mask"! He had found it at his grandpa's or something. Give two 12 year olds a gas mask and a couple of toy guns. They are set for all the fun they could stand!

he looks like an aardvark
They played all night and day! They only stopped for food and sleep. The rest of the time they had a ball. Yes that's my kid with the mask on! I even tried to put it on, my head must be to big, they had no trouble putting it on. It felt like I was gonna pull my hair out!

So anyhow Saturday AM I got out and rode 35 on the road bike and then came home and loaded up the wife. We went down to Cheraw SC to the State Park and did a hike on the mtn bike trails! She has never been there before and I love going down there so off we went!

When you walk a trail you usually ride you see a whole new side to it. Plus you see things you usually wouldn't! Like the picture below!

The section we found this on is downhill, so I am looking down through here. As we are walking along about 8ft up a tree I see this bra! What the hell?

Out in the middle of the woods you come across a bra hanging in a tree! How the hell did that get there? Made us laugh!

OK, we where still chuckling about the bra when we see another thing hanging on a. When we get closer I realize it's a skull..... A dear skull, out in the middle of nowhere!

Again about 8ft up somebody had hung a dear skull! In the back of the picture you can see a road. I guess somebody hit it and it ended up in the woods. Then someone finds it and puts it in a tree....

Now I am wanting to start walking all my local trails to see what I might find!!!!!!

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