Thursday, April 26, 2012

Chicken S... To Chicken Salad

We started the day with Chicken S... and ended with Chicken Salad!!!! The weather of course what else would I be talking about.

As I wrote my post yesterday AM it was raining and I was watching it rain. Then by the time I got to the house it was perfect.

Glen came down and we did a nice short ride around the hood. Twenty 26 miles, but it was perfect! I am ready for summer to get here so we will have the sunshine everyday. I have sunscreen and a pair of shades.

What else do you need? Besides more daylight. I am ready for the 8:30 daylight. Last night we rode for less than 2 hours I am ready for the 3 hour after work rides. Glen is a little behind the curb as far as training goes so I cut it short last night.

My only complaint about the ride, my allergies went crazy last night! I swear I can blow my nose every 2 minutes! Today is the first time all year I had to take allergy medicine. I was glad I still had it from last season but this sucks. It's nice I live in the country but sometimes all the fields and agriculture tear me up..

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