Thursday, April 12, 2012

I Hate Rest Days !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Very boring, that's about all I can say for that. It seems like I wasted a night I will never get back!

I had opportunities, Kelly called and wanted to do a night road ride. I just didn't have it in my legs. I had to decline, along with that came a nice text explaining I was a really big wuss! I tried to put it off till tonight but he is working.

Big wuss, what kind of excuse is that. At least mine was legit!

So after disappointing my ride partner I got off the couch and decided to clean the garage. I need to get my camper out of the driveway. I want to put it in the garage, to make that happen I am gonna have to move a few things.

In that lies the work. To move "a few things" I am gonna have to clean out everything. Both sheds are gonna go back into action. Right now one isn't used at all and the other is not used very well. It's time to make better use of space.

It's amazing how much junk you can accumulate over the course of 14 years in one spot. You save stuff thinking "I will use that". Then you don't! Some things I am gonna give away, like to my neighbor. That way if I ever do need it I can borrow it. Other things, I am just gonna close my eyes and toss them!

The motorcycles are gonna have to start living in the sheds, they eat up way to much space. Plus one of them needs to be sold. Chase has out grown it and has moved up to the next one in line. The street bikes need cleaned up and put back on the road.

Neither one of them has even had a tag in a year or better. That needs to change. The boat, it stays in the garage. But I have a pile of composite material in the way. I had plans to use it for the railing around the front porch. Not gonna happen! It's going to the dump.

As far as my "rest day".......Very boring,,,,and I am worn out!!!!!

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