Friday, April 13, 2012

Do I Really Need THIS................

It was day 2 of "Rest Day", I went out to dinner with the wife, dropped the kid of at his overnight birthday party. The one with the "crazy for even thinking of having 6 boys over for an overnight birthday party". Then found myself standing in the shed asking myself.

"Do I really need THIS"

The problem with that question is if you think about it to long you'll keep it! That's why I am perfect for this job! I don't give it that much thought.

I went to the shed with the mindset that the only thing I use in there is the lawn mower, the rest is fair game!

Truck load of junk, number 2. Has made it's way to the dumpster. What am I chucking you ask.

Well I had empty boxes, a pump sprayer that was used for Round-up. The seals had long since frozen, I was gonna "fix it". NOT.....But then again that was used back when I gave a shit about yard work. One day I realized, "hell you can't even see my house from the road"... Why bother!

The wife is so proud!!!

I had a porch swing I had purchased. I was gonna put legs on it and make a bench out of it. Never happened. Money wasted.. When you start cleaning you realize "man I waste a lot of money". It looked good in the trash though!

As I clean I am trying to organize too.

I am gonna hang all the gardening tools on the wall, that way if anybody ever sees the inside of my shed they will say "man he keeps things organized". These alleged sight see-ers better get here quick though. I promise it will go back to the mess stage really fast.....

I have kids.........

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