Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Going Fast !!!!!!!

This week seems to be going by really fast! Some weeks do, some don't I guess it has something to do with the fact I have my Blazer in the shop getting a new transmission. I look forward to getting it back but I dread the phone call when it's time to pay for it.

It should be ready today or tomorrow, so it's about time to pay up! Oh well, it still beats a car payment. Now with putting 2 grand in the transmission I plan on keeping it for awhile so now I am gonna have the hood repainted. While they do that they are gonna repaint all the black trim on it also. When they get it done it will look damn near new.

I will have a total of 5 grand in it and still no car payment. Sounds good to me!

So anyhow I swam again this morning and I am about back to a 100%. I feel great today. I guess the run Saturday AM in the 19 degree cold air kinda got me down a little. But I had no problem getting up and hitting the pool this morning. Now I need to get a ride in! I swear I haven't had time to ride, or when I have it's been crappy weather. Plus with the swimming and running, I don't let it kill me when I miss a day or two riding.

I did drop off a pile a lumber at Rocky River Trail yesterday. It was stuff we would have thrown away, so why not donate it to a good cause. Steve can put it to good use and I will get to ride on it!

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