Sunday, February 17, 2013

You Only Live Once..........

While you might be comfortable laying on the couch and watching it snow/rain, I was not! I loaded up the bike and headed to Uhwarrie, 34 degrees and snowing. At least it was when I left here.

When I got over there all it was doing was raining. But not to be deterred, I got my clothes on and headed out. I rode for 3 solid hours and rode everything twice and climbed all the hills. By the time I was back to the car my hands were pretty much frozen!

I literally had to use all my fingers to make the brakes work! My insulated gloves had long since gotten soaked and were worthless. The rest of my body was fine, my feet where soaked all the way through but they weren't cold, just wet.

Overall it was a great ride! I saw two other cyclist and a group of scouts but that was it. When I got home it was another story! As I was riding I kept hearing a noise that I chalked up to the seat post needed some grease.

Wrong!! When I got home and cleaned the bike I found the frame is cracked almost all the way through! Right at the seat post. The top tube is cracked right where it meets the seat post, and behind the post. Now I have to take it to the shop and get a new frame! Don't know how long that will take.

But I got a feeling I am about to find out!!!!!

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