Thursday, February 7, 2013

Still Waiting...........

On the Blazer anyway.. No big deal I just couldn't come up with a better title. I could have called it "late for work" or maybe "got up late". Something along those lines, point is I over slept.

So that put me behind all morning. I got to the pool late and in the water late and to get my full 1000 yards in I went over on time. So the snowball effect was in full force. Yes I could have cut my swim short and got back on schedule but that wasn't even an option. Where I work it's not that big of deal if you are 10-15minutes late. At least not if you don't take advantage of it every day.

So I was late. End of story, and the Blazer should be ready today.

After driving the F150 all week I have come to the conclusion that I am going to buy the little blue S-10 back and Cody is going to start driving it again. The big truck uses way to much gas for him to drive it every day. My wallet needs a break! I have put 50 bucks in the damn thing this week and I usually give him that much!

I can cut that figure in half! Besides I like that little truck, we need it back. I even called Charles last night and told him I plan on getting it in the next few weeks. I just have to get the transmission squared away first.

So now we are on to the weekend and I am ready for that, not sure what the plan is yet but I will come up with something. There is a foot race Saturday am, I just haven't made my mind up yet....

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