Wednesday, February 20, 2013

One Goal Down !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday I missed my chance to knock out my first full mile swim.

Today I didn't !!!

I got to the 1500 hundred mark and I had my doubts! I was a little tired and sore from yesterday. Up until yesterday I was only swimming an average of a 1000yds per day. Then Monday I bumped it up to 1250, Tuesday 1500, today 1800! Usually I skip Monday and take a break, then swim the rest of the week. Well after missing last Monday and Monday Tuesday the week before I am already at 3 days rest for the month. That was the amount I missed last month. If I miss one more, which is going to happen I will be at 4. Not what I want.

So at 1500 this morning I was ready to quit! But I had a thought. Yesterday a buddy of mine pointed out "that the mind will quit a hundred times before the body will". So with that thought I kept swimming! Before I knew it I had my first full mile swim under my belt!

Nuff' said........

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