Friday, February 8, 2013

Remember The Blazer ?????????

No it's not ready! Am I mad, no I am not mad. Getting mad wouldn't do any good anyway. I called to see if it was ready yesterday and some how or another the older gentleman and I had a miss communication back on Monday morning.

When I dropped it off the main guy wasn't even in yet and an older gentleman took my info. Well I call yesterday and the main guy says he has called me twice and left a message. I said never got it, what's up? He tells me they ran all the tests and yes it needs rebuilt.

To which I reply " I thought I made it clear to go ahead and get it done"! Well it turns out dad miss understood me. Then dad wrote down the wrong phone number and they where wondering why I hadn't returned their phone calls! So my truck has sat there all week and nothing has been done!

So if I hadn't called nothing would have been done, ever! So the guy was really nice and said they would go ahead and get it torn apart yesterday and have it ready to pickup Tuesday morning.

Oh well, at least I got a kick out of it. Life is to short to get bent out of shape over something that's not that big of deal! Believe me, I am in sales and now that the housing industry has slowed down we are doing more and more sales with the general public. Before we had a sign at the front counter that even said "contractor sales only".

Now we sale to anybody. Yes I still have a job and am thankful for that, and joe schmo home owner has helped me stay employed so I am grateful. But I can tell you more than one person needs a reality check!

If these people act like they do when they come in here all the time! Their family should be embarrassed!

OK, let's change the subject I really try not to bring up my customers in my blog, or even talk about work. I could go on forever! This weekend I am going to slip in a run and it looks like I am going to Uhwarrie to ride tomorrow. The weather has been screwing up my riding lately so I am looking forward to it. Cody might even make it out......

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