Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hate It When That Happens...........

What happened? I guess my age was showing this morning I wanted to swim at least 1500 yds. I just didn't have it in me. Usually I get into a groove and just keep swimming. Today it seemed like I never found it! I couldn't get right for nothing.

Lap 3 or 4 is where I get going, today I couldn't breathe right or get my rhythm with my stroke. My butt was riding low, it just didn't work. Some days are like that. After knocking out my mile yesterday my shoulders were sore. That messed up my stroke which messed up my breathing, blah,blah,blah.

I just didn't have it. My goal for the week was to swim 6000yds and I am at 5500 as of today. So I know I will end up with more than I planned for the week so that's cool. I went from 4000yds a week to 6000 in one week. Not a bad improvement. Now I just need to maintain.

Next up it looks like I will be without a mountain bike this weekend. My parts are coming from California and they shipped FedEx ground. So far they are somewhere between Durango, Co. and here. The projected date for delivery is tomorrow so we'll see. If It shows up I can put it together and be ready, so now we wait.

To be honest I kinda want to ride the road bike. The last time I rode it it was 95 degrees! Obviously that's been awhile, I need to pump up the tires and I would be good to go.......

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