Monday, February 25, 2013

It"s Tuff ,,,,,,,,,,,,

Some days, "It's Tuff"! Yesterday it was all I could do to do nothing. Yes I did ride my motorcycle and went exploring. I went over to Oakboro and just tried to get lost. I found a few new roads I had never been on and put together a new loop for the road bike.

If I head over and park in Oakboro I can put together a pretty neat route over to Norwood and back to the car. I like going out and and just seeing what I can find. You do it on the motorcycle first and cover a lot of ground. Then you go back and ride it on the bike and you get to see everything you missed.

Until you can compare the 2 ways of covering ground. You just don't know how much you miss going 55 miles an hour compared to 15 miles an hour. It's pretty amazing.

So after that I pretty much did nothing but chill the rest of the day. Then this morning I got up and headed to the pool. I started my new routine today. For me to do the triathlons I of course have to ditch the fins. I have been swimming with them since I started and now it's time to move on.

So last week I put in a new high for total yards and this week I am gonna start working on loosing the fins. Kelly said to swim without them to start and when my form gets bad use them to finish. So I did. The first 400 yards where without fins and then the rest was with them. I ended with a total of 1250 yards.

Tomorrow I will shoot for 500 without and 1500 total. Then I will do my mile Wednesday, and taper down from there. Just like last week. Now that I have decided I can do the running and I really want to do a tri. It's time to start a real training program. After I get my swimming down with no fins I am gonna start doing intervals and timed swims.

Plus I have a running program in mind so we'll see........

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