Monday, February 18, 2013

I Wonder ??????????????

So now I am wondering if I can up grade to a carbon frame for a few more dollars? I don't care if they have a pink frame some where they can't seem to sell! If they do and we can get right on the price I am all in! Now to get the wife on board...

Last night when I brought this up with the wife she didn't seem to interested. Her first reply was, you seem to break a lot of bicycles why is that? We pay for all these expensive bikes and you don't take care of them.

That stunned me!!

What the hell does that me?  It means to her that all she sees is the broken stuff. She doesn't pat attention to the fact that I have been riding this frame for 2 years now. It gets ridden hard to, we don't play around when we ride and these bikes get pushed hard. Yes I have broken a few frames but that's what happens.

When I started back riding in '08 I bought a frame off of EBay. I built it up and went back to riding and riding hard! Yes I broke it 3 times and had it fixed twice, The 3rd time I snapped it I figured I was pushing my luck so I scrapped it and bought a new bike. Then I gave it to Cody and bought another one.

After riding it for 3 years I did crack it, again warranty took care of that. Just like warranty will take care of this one. If you use her angle of thought and you were a runner, your shoes would never wear out!!!!!

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