Friday, February 22, 2013

Do It Again...............

Tomorrow 7:30am we will be at the start of our 3rd foot race. My 3rd Chase's 2nd, it's gonna be fun! This one is the 10/4 as I have already said. We are doing the 4 mile option. Even if it's raining, we will be there.

I finished the week with the most swimming I have yet. I started swimming 2 weeks before Christmas, it was all I could do to swim 750 yards and it would take me the better part of an hour. Now this week I have knocked out my first full mile and did it in 50 minutes. This morning I swam 1500 in 35 so that was a good finish for the week.

Total, 7000 yards. Not bad for my 2nd full month of swimming! Now I just want to get my running up. Riding is a little under the usual but usually that was all I was doing. So now I am doing a lot more and not so concerned with the riding. I still love the bike and the weekend is when I really look forward to riding it. But with both mountain bikes on the injured reserve list I am just kinda waiting.

Once time changes I will be able to get my rides back in so the bike will be rolling back around before long. But I want to get the running up to at least 10 miles a week. My new shoes should be here today so I do have that to look forward too.

Anyhow we race in the morning and hope to ride some this weekend. Have a good weekend...............

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