Friday, February 1, 2013

Let's Do It Again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's been 2 weeks and I slipped a couple of runs in , so I should be good to go. At 7:30 tomorrow morning I will be doing my second foot race! This one a 5k! The last one was a 4 mile trail run so this one is all on the road and a little shorter. I am looking forward to setting some type of base for my timing.

The next one after this is a 10 miler on Feb. 23rd. Am I ready for a 10 nope, but I will try it. Yes it will be cold in the morning, right now they are showing 37 degrees at the start. Chase has been sick this week so I am not sure he will make it this time. Karen isn't so keen on him going at the moment. We'll see...

Next I finished the week with 4150 yards of swimming and only went 4 days. Last week I went everyday and had 25 more yards. So next week if I do a 1000 everyday I will finally have my first 5000 week. It seems to be getting easier! Believe it or not, so I am enjoying it more and more.

Then I still have the rest of the weekend to ride. I saw where a group is heading to Uhwarrie tomorrow, but I doubt I will have any legs for that after the race. So I think I will go Sunday I have been wanting to get back over there and this will be a good weekend to do it.

Last thing and I'll let ya go, I ended the month of January with only missing 3 days of exercise. Not to bad.....

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