Tuesday, February 5, 2013

That"s Right.................

Well after running my race Saturday am I came home and got something to eat and kinda took a nap. Then when I got up I really felt pretty good considering I had just ran that race. Last time I ran I felt terrible and my legs where killing me.

So this time I felt so much better I decided the day was still young enough I should go ride my bike. So I loaded up and headed to the mountain bike park. The first 5 miles went great, the last 5 made my knees hurt like hell.

I should have never went riding! In my mind I was like "hell if I am ever going to do a triathlon I need to get used to it". WRONG.... All triathlons finish with the run, not with the bike. I think I figured out why!

So that ruined my Sunday! I couldn't run or ride, well I probably could have rode but at what cost? I really didn't want to find out. So I used the Super Bowl as an excuse to do nothing all day. Except eat and drink. So much for all my effort lately!

That's not entirely true, it doesn't kill you to take a day or two once in awhile and rest. I just feel like it does. So anyhow yesterday came and I had to take my Blazer to the shop to have a new transmission put in it. With that on my plate I skipped the pool and took care of that.

That was day two of nothing. Then this morning the alarm went off at 5 am and I seriously thought about staying in bed. My head has been a little stopped up since Saturday and I thought I could use that for an excuse.

But I got up and went! After a 1000 yard workout I got out of the pool and really felt good. Glad I went.....

Sometimes it's really easy to just say screw it......

You have to commit!!!!!

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