Monday, February 11, 2013

Good To Go...........

I will finally have my wheels back today! The kid is happy, he gets the truck back so all will be right again! It sucks going from 3 vehicles to 2. You don't realize how easy it is to get in your car and go until you have to schedule your trip around someone else.

So Saturday I met Dane and did a few laps at Steve's place. Well I did 2, he had to go so he only did one. Then yesterday we all got up and hit church for the early service. Once we got home I went and rode a lap at Sherman Branch then came home and went to the aquatic center.

I got a 1000 yards in. After that I went home and Cody and I cleaned the garage. Once all that was done I got to texting with Kelly and found out he had ran 4 miles before he went and rode so I decided I needed to run too. I got in 2 miles and decided now I deserved a beer! It was good too!!!!

About the only other thing I did this weekend was a trip to Rockhill, I had to get a brake lever for the KTM SX50. We are going to get it sold and that was the only thing it needed. Now for a little rant!

57 bucks for a brake lever! What the hell! Nobody makes an after market replacement for the little bike so I had to get one straight from KTM. Guess what, I will never-ever buy another product from them! That is nothing but a ripoff. They should be ashamed!!!!!

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