Wednesday, February 20, 2013


We are a little slow today so why not post a second time.

"One Goal Down"

That was my first post today so that got me thinking what my next goal should be? I can ride my bike for extended periods so if any thing I have that part down pat. that just leaves running. Which is killing me!

I have new shoes coming and I am already entered in the race for this weekend. It might be raining but at least I am still gonna get to run. Yes my knees are killing me but they have to get better. Sooner or later? Believe me I wish they didn't hurt.

So now I guess I found my next goal!

They call it a "Sprint Triathlon", most of them are 3-4 hundred yards swimming and a 8 to 13 mile bike ride and a 3.1 mile run. I have already found about 7-8 of them in my area this summer. All leading up to the big one in Anderson SC. in Oct.

That will be the first one my buddies do there first half triathlon, if I can get my shit together by then I could do the Olympic distance. That requires you to swim .9 miles and bike 24.8 miles and run 6.2 miles. Again I know I have the biking down pat, now I need to get my knee straightened out and my confidence up to swim that far in open water and I would be good to go!


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