Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Toll !!!!!!!!

On me, one bruised right knee, slightly swollen. A few miscellaneous scratches one bruised ego! The bike, it's another story! Last night I finally gave it a few looks and decided it needs a complete tear down.

The fork is leaking oil out of the top cap and the brakes are completely gone! The bottom bracket sounds like it's full of crud and the rear hub, that is not sealed but rolls so well I have refused to replace it. Sounds the same! The chain is shot and I need a new cassette.  Over all the bike was fantastic! The brakes where still working at the finish and nothing broke. When you just rode that far out in the woods and that far from help you appreciate that fact.

I had setup the tires tubeless and they worked flawlessly! Not one flat and no leaks that required sealing. I ran a set of Michelin tires I got from a friend last year and they were great! If you know how many rocks are in the Pisgah national forest you can see why I am happy with the tire choice. If you tried to run a thin light weight tire there you would pay the price!

This is the 3rd set of Michelin tires I have used on my mountain bikes and they all have been great. until someone is giving me tires I plan to stick with Michelin's, even then I would have to think about it. I like them that much!

Now for the most important part! My head! Remember my song, the one I talked about Friday before the race. Yes the doubt was there, I wondered if I could do it and guess what I did it. I swore I would never do that damn race again while I was walking up Laurel. Now I cherish the memory!

That was the most awesome race I have done in forever! I now know I can do a 6 hour race solo. I know I can deal with the weather better than I thought I could. I learned I am a lot tougher than I thought! I will be back and do more Pisgah!

The place is a love it or hate it type place! Defiantly not for the week, or the dirt roadies! Real mountain bikers ride shit like Pisgah. Not perfectly groomed single track with no challenge. Like most trails,,, don't get me wrong we need trails like that for the general masses. But old school is cool..............

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