Friday, May 9, 2014


I hope this changes soon, I can't take it any longer! I figured if I was gonna do something stupid Wednesday night why not "Continue" and do something stupid on Thursday. My "something" yesterday happened to be drugs! Legal drugs anyway.

My allergy's have been crazy this spring and I know better than to take Benadryl but yesterday I was hurting so bad I went ahead and took it anyway. It might not bother some people but for me if I take it, I might as well take a sleeping pill! I took it yesterday about 2 pm and it was all I could do to drive the 30 minutes to get home! I swear I almost feel asleep at the wheel!

I had planned to ride last night and knew when I took it yesterday it was over. I just had to do something, I needed relief! So my evening was reduced to coming home changing clothes and hitting the couch! I got up long enough to eat dinner and then play with the dog for a little while. I did that just so I wouldn't go to bed before the sun went down!

                                Point is I can't take Benadryl, it's my kryptonite!

So now we are heading to the weekend and I need to get my long ride in tomorrow followed by my regular Sunday. I am now a week away from my mountain race and it's time to tapper down my riding. Again, I don't plan on being the winner. Especially with the field I am riding with, a few national champions are entered so the pace will be scorching! But I want to be comfortable. If I can finish in the top 3rd of the field I will feel like it was a success!!!!

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