Friday, May 2, 2014

Good Feeling's ,,,,,,,,,,,,

"Good Feeling's", like when you pull out of the driveway and have no plan but to pedal. Like when you get home from a good ride and crack a beer! Like when you turn a corner and all of a sudden the wind is pushing you instead of pushing against you! Like when your bike works flawlessly.

I could go on and on! But last night the one feeling that stuck out the most to me and felt the best was when I came up the hill and realized I was gonna be home in less than 2 miles. I looked down and only had 20 miles! I needed more! I left the house and decided I was gonna do a shorter than usual Thursday night ride so I went and tried to find as many steep hills I could.

All the hills close to the house. Then about the time I topped the second big hill I realized I had already done two Strava segments and there were a couple close by. I did them and then headed toward a few more. After I had done those I started working my way home and that's when I realized how far I had gone.

It's a good feeling when you decide to turn and add at least 10 more miles when your only a mile from the house!!!!

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