Friday, May 16, 2014


Right now that could be my theme song! I assume you know the song I am talking about. The one by Eminem, as it says in the song.

                                       "I'm friends with the monsters beside of my bed"

                                        "I get along with the voices inside of my head".

I have my race this Sunday and now the weather is calling for RAIN. Rain and 40 degrees at the start. In my mind when I signed up for this I figured it was in the middle of May the sun would be shinning and it was gonna be one of those postcard mountain days! Instead I am now looking for my leg and arm warmers!

Then to top it off I found out the top finishers from last year took 5 hours to ride the course! I was thinking I would be able to knock it out in about 3-4! So I am looking at 5-6 hours riding in the cold rain in the mountains of NC. Once again, were back to my song!

All you can do is laugh, crying won't help and besides shit like this makes for great memories! Sunday will be spent riding and walking and climbing trails in the NC mountains. In the rain at 50 degrees! Sounds like a ball to me.......

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