Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Nineteen Years ''''''''''''''''

"Nineteen Years" ago today it was a Saturday and I was headed mountain biking! Then I went to the bar and drank a few beers and then headed to the church! That's right, it's my anniversary! Damn if time don't fly by!

Since that day I have had 2 kids, one of witch is about to graduate high school. I drove a truck for 5 years and then went to work for a trucking company dispatching. From there I went back into the lumber business where I still am today. We moved 3 times and have been through about 10 cars.

Add about 10 bikes to that and nine million t-ball and baseball practices along with football and soccer it's been a busy life. Today is all about reflection! I have no problem remembering my anniversary every year, it just seems to be the one day that makes me reflect the most.

Not really sure why but to me that was a big change in my life. I moved out of my parents house and I started the trucking company all in a 6 month period of time. Then Cody came along and it just snow balled from there. Once Chase came into the picture it really seemed to pick up speed.

                                                  It being "life"....

As I said, Cody is about to graduate and Chase starts high school next year! Point is I like to sit back and look at things once and awhile. It's easy to second guess everything you have done in the past but I tend to look back and smile. Nobody's perfect and if you can't laugh at your own mistakes there ain't much gonna make you happy in the future.

Tonight the wife and I are gonna go out for dinner at Sullivan's Steak house and she will have a glass or two of wine and I will have a few beers! We will laugh and make plans for the big 20! Believe me we have already talked about it...........

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