Monday, May 5, 2014

Stayin' The Course ,,,,,,

Week 3 and I am still on course. For the last 3 weeks I have ridden over a hundred miles a week! I am now 2 weeks away from my race in the hills and feeling pretty strong. I plan to bump it up this week and then tapper it down next week. I have plans tomorrow so I need to ride tonight or do a back to back ride Wednesday and Thursday. Followed by my weekend double header and then I few easy spins next week.

Tomorrow is my anniversary! 19 years,,, Believe it or not! We are going out for dinner at Sullivan's Steakhouse, I already made reservations. Next year will be the big 20 and we are already planning on a trip to Key West for that. But this year is a nice dinner and then home to bed and work on Wednesday. Simple but good....

Now back to bikes, again all my riding over the weekend was on the road I am still stuck on the road bike. I look forward to riding the mountain bike in the mountains but around here, it still does nothing for me. I like being able to cover so much ground and go places. I'll get back in the local woods one of these days but for now it ain't happening.

Saturday I finally knocked out a ride that has been on my list for a long time! I have always wanted to ride all the way to Polkton and have even scouted out a route. I just never did the ride. Since I have been riding to Peachland lately I decided it was time. I left the house and rode to Peachland to Polkton back to Peachland and then out through the country back to Wingate.

From Wingate back to the house. It totaled 57 miles and 2800ft of climbing. I thought it would have been farther than that, that's one reason I took so long to do it. Now that I know I will be going that way more often. In my mind I am already planning a route that will take me from the house to Polkton to Ansonville back through Aquadale and Oakboro. That should end up being a huge route!

As I said, I like the road bike............

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