Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Progress ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Last night I finally felt like I was making "Progress"! I got out the mountain bike that I never ride around the house and got it ready for this weekend. Got it ready to ride in the mountains. Cause that's the way you should ride a mountain bike.

                                         Make sense, good..........

Now I need to finally nail down who's going with me and I will be good to go! Cody seems to be the one that's gonna tag along so we really need to decide if we are gonna go up Saturday or Sunday am. Either way, he's driving! That's the best part of having kids.

So anyway it's coming. Tonight I plan to ride till dark and then I will slide in a short easy ride Friday and then go Sunday.

                                         Now to change the subject.....

Where I live in the country happens to be a well used cut through road from hwy 601 and hwy 200. Our house is on a flag lot meaning I am behind a couple of houses way back off the road. So the busyness of our road doesn't really bother us. Unless we are trying to pull out of the driveway and some dip shit will fly up behind you because you pulled out. Other wise we love our location.

Well they closed the road below the house and man it's nice! No noise and no traffic! Except the random moron who will drive around the sign and go by anyway. They always come back! The guy at the end of the road is so tired of cars turning around in his driveway that he put up cones and a sign. I walked down there last night and saw it, made me laugh.

Anyhow I look forward to the next 2 weeks and no cars...........

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