Thursday, May 15, 2014

Now I Feel Better ,,,,,,,,,,,

Not that I was worried but in a way my last ride kinda sucked! I went out Sunday and did a short 28 miles and it felt like it was a hundred miles. In the back of my mind that was a little worrisome, with the weekend coming up I knew I needed to get a good ride in. For my own sanity!!

Well last night I came home and took my 15 minute nap and hit the road. I didn't really have a route picked out but I had a few ideals. I ended up in Unionville and it was only 5:30, I decided to head toward Oakboro and do a few roads Kelly had taken me down. I knew it would be pushing it to get home by dark but I figured why not.

The whole route would come in at 40-45 so I headed that way. Out Love Mill Rd across the infamous Rock Hole Rd. It has a bunch of climbing! Then I went out Buster Rd toward Oakboro. That's when I made a wrong turn! No big deal but it cut out about 3 miles on a really good road I had wanted to ride. I hit 207 and it was pretty much 18 straight miles to the house.

When I got home I had a 17.5 average speed and about 1600 ft of climbing! I was happy again! I still felt good too, that was a big boost to my mental state. I had done a bunch of climbing and covered 40 plus miles by myself so having a 17 plus average was good. My last few rides had been around the 15 mark. That's OK when I am on a recovery ride but when I am trying to get the full benefit out of a ride I feel like I need a higher average.

So long story short, I had a great ride! I covered 41 miles and went all the way to Oakboro and back, on a mid week ride. That's pretty good if you ask me! The weather was nice and traffic was light. Now a short ride tomorrow night and it's of to the races Sunday.......

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