Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Back Again ,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Yep, it's been crazy here at work again. I didn't even get to read a blog yesterday much less write mine! But it is what it is, I got a job and I get to ride. Move on.......

So yes I pedaled over the weekend. Nothing really long, Saturday I just didn't have the time and Sunday I just wasn't feeling it. Sometimes you do sometimes you don't. I enjoyed it and I plan to ride tonight. Then I might ride on Thursday but that's gonna be it.

It's time to get my stuff ready. I haven't made my mind up yet if I am gonna go up Saturday night or Sunday AM. Either way I will be there Sunday for the start at 10 am. It's gonna be fun and I am excited! I think Cody is gonna go with me so that's a good reason to go Saturday night. Just another reason to spend time with my kid!

Anyway, short and sweet today I got stuff to do............

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