Thursday, May 8, 2014

That Was Stupid,,,,,,,,

I knew it was gonna be but I went ahead did it anyway! The whole time my little brain was telling me you'll pay for this. So I went ahead and did it anyway and of course I paid for it. The "it" being I made a slight few adjustments on Cody's carbon fiber road bike and decided I wanted to ride it last night!

The reason for this is the fact I bought it and he doesn't ride it right now. Plus I had never ridden a carbon fiber road bike! The problem is he is 6ft 2 and I am 5ft 9. He rides a bigger frame than I do and a few slight adjustments will not make the bike work for me. I knew this when I was making the adjustments and I knew it when I went out the end of the driveway.

Yet I kept going, about the time I got 10 miles into the ride I knew it was gonna be tough to finish the ride. By the time I hit 20 miles I was not going much harder than a casual ride. I was just hoping to make it home without calling someone to come get me!

I came home undid the adjustments I made, apologized to MY bicycle for leaving it in the corner. Then cleaned Cody's bike up and hung it right back where we had it. MY bike is ready for tonight and I can't wait to get back on it. What did I learn besides not to ride a bike that is to big for you.

Carbon is nice and responsive, it rode better than I thought it would. Although not as good as my aluminium Cannondale, but then again Cannondale seems to be on top of the aluminium tubing design. The roads are the good old chip seal rough pavement out around my house so they really make my Cannondale shine as far as being smooth. When I did hit the brand new pavement the BMC rolled like a dream.

It rolled fine on the rough stuff too, I am just spoiled with the aluminium bike.

One thing to end this on a laugh this morning. Last night I was rolling along when this lady pulls up beside me and rolls down the window. I slow up so I can hear her and she tells me my dog is gonna get hit! I look at her like she's crazy and tell her I don't have a dog when I look back and this big ass curly haired poodle type dog is trotting down the road following me! I stop and it comes right up to me a starts wagging his tail.

The lady drives off and now I am standing in the middle of a country road with someones dog and he wants to follow me! Luckily he has a tag and it has an address on it. After going the wrong way I figure out which direction to go and back track with this dog to find his house. About a half mile back I go to the door and knock, he owner comes to the door and thanks me and tells me he must have gotten out. She was really thankful and glad I brought him back.

So I pat his head and I am on my way...... Kinda funny really, that's one of my biggest fears is for someones dog to get hit by a car when they try to chase me. It's already happened once I don't want to see it again....... Made me feel really bad, like it was my fault......

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