Tuesday, May 27, 2014


I knew I was a few days behind but I didn't realize it had been since last Wednesday since I had written. I finally climbed back on the bike Thursday and put in the hardest 40 miles I have ridden in forever! I swear my legs were still shot, even though I had rested them for 3 days they hurt.

After doing a little investigation I found out I should have ridden at least a 20 mile crawl on Monday. Instead of waiting for 3 days I should have ridden and loosened up the legs. Next time I will remember that! Back to the week, I rode Thursday then I hit it Saturday Sunday and Monday!

I met Kelly yesterday and I finished the long weekend with a hard ride. We only did 40 miles but it was fast! My total for the weekend was 120 miles so my average is still up. Prior to the race I was averaging 120 plus and now it's kinda became part of my schedule. Just because the race has came and went doesn't mean I need to slack off now.

Besides there is a 4 hour race coming up in a few weeks and I think I am going to do it! So I need to keep the pace up! Before I did the mountain race I never even considered doing these. Now they sound fun!!!!!

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