Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Slow Down ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Sometimes it's nice to just "Slow Down". Last night the wife and I sat down and had a great dinner. As I said yesterday, we took the time to talk about the previous 19 years. The fact that it seems like yesterday we got married. The fact that we better "Slow Down" and try to enjoy the next 19 even more.

Of course next year will be the big 20 so maybe we are starting a little early but it's never to soon to take it all in. We talked about the fact that before we know it we are gonna be sitting down and having our 40th anniversary. Life is short and the sooner you realize that the sooner you will enjoy the moment.

That's our new goal! My new goal! Instead of pushing through everything we need to appreciate the process! Not everything is as fun as you might like, but if you try to look at it different it might not be as hard as you think.

So now you know what we chatted about it, maybe it will make a difference to you. Maybe it won't, but at least you'll think about it.....

Now back to the bikes! My weekend race in the mountains is coming fast! Now it's time to make one more big push as far as training goes and then the tapper down. I am riding the road bike tonight and tomorrow night with a break Friday night then the weekend. I plan to do a really big ride Saturday and then a short easy ride Sunday. Next week I plan to do a few easy spins then the weekend.

I feel good about where I am now so things are gonna be fun. It looks like the wife is gonna ride up with me Saturday afternoon and we are gonna spend the night. I would like to catch the end of the big race on Saturday but we'll see. It's not a make or break for me. My priority is Sunday.

I am doing one thing different tonight. I readjusted everything I needed to ride the kids carbon fiber BMC tonight. Believe it or not I have never ridden a carbon bike before! Not even a mountain bike, I am looking forward to it! It should be interesting.........

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