Thursday, May 1, 2014

Pedal Time ,,,,,,,,

I would've rode, I should've rode, I will ride! All week we have supposedly been waiting on the monster storm coming up from the south. They claimed we were gonna get like 5 inches of rain, it never came. Every evening this week it's been cloudy and looked like it could rain. Because of that I have skipped the riding.

Tonight I am gonna ride. It can rain if it wants but I plan to ride. I guess I am on a schedule of Thursday then Saturday and Sunday. It's working so far and I am averaging right at a 120 miles a week so why change it. That gives me all week to do my thing and still get in good miles.

I have about a week and a half before my race-ride in the mountains so I need to hit it good this week and next. By the 14th I will need to let the legs rest for a few days. Everything is coming along good so it's gonna be fun. This trip Sunday is just icing on the cake! I look forward to hitting the hills again!

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