Thursday, March 14, 2013

Finding The Time,,,,,,,,,,

At least today! I have tried to get on here and write this post all day. We have been busy. All week has been like that but today is defiantly the busiest. That's a good thing! Being in the building business has been rough the last 4 years so I like the change.

Now for the post. I did swim this morning and no I didn't do a mile. Just didn't have it in me. Sometimes you just have a bad day, at least I felt like it was a bad day. I did run last night, I now have a route marked off. It's a total of 3.6 miles. It's got a climb and all, so now I will start running more.

I will go more just because I have a route with a set mileage. I like knowing exactly how far I have gone when I run. It requires so mush effort I want to know!

Then last but not least I brought my bike with me to ride after work. Now that time has changed I can start going after work. This is the first time I got all my riding stuff together the night before. Between getting my swim stuff and the biking stuff. I spent 30 minutes before the car was loaded.

Then this morning at 5am I was in the garage getting the bike and loading it. I locked it on the car and backed it in against the building at the aquatic center I have always kinda worried about it getting gone while I was swimming so this is a change for me. Besides the aquatic center is in a good area and nobody is there besides the other crazy people who come that early.

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