Monday, March 25, 2013

That's Weird............

So yesterday was a total waste, I went to bed thinking "it's gonna get better". Then this morning I get up and my interior light is stuck on. Yesterday I saw it was on and I turned it off. Then this morning it's on again.

So it wouldn't be that big of deal except it's raining and cold and 5am. I am trying to get to the pool and now my car won't start. So I have to find the jumper cables and get Karen's keys and pull her car into position, I do all that and then I am late for my swim.

No problem, I usually don't swim on Monday so anything I do today is just a little extra. I still manage to swim a 1000 yards and get a shower and I am on time so no big lose. Until I go outside and find my interior light is on again! So I am thinking, please start, please start! It does, good deal.

Now I know for sure something is wrong with the switch. I get out the owners manual and figure out which fuse is the one I need to remove and head to work. I figure when I get here I can pull the fuse and it will be OK. At least it won't be killing my battery. That works for the first couple of miles then when I hit the brakes the inside light comes on! Not good, what the hell.

So I pull into a shopping center and find the fuse box pull the fuse and head to work. Now I have no interior lights and no horn but at least I won't be trying to find someone to jump start me this afternoon!

Still beats making car payments! I can pull the dash apart in about 10 minutes and change the switch in 5, put it back together and I will be back in action.....

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