Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tuesday, Go Figure..........

You have Monday then you have Tuesday. Simple as that, "Go Figure". I got up and went swimming, tonight we are going to mom's for diner and then I plan to get in a run. I have been trying to take Monday off and see if it helps my recovery in some way. Every week I go as hard as I can and then when Saturday rolls around I go ride my mtn. bike and I have nothing in the tank!

The last 3 weeks have been like that. I am beginning to wonder if I need another day off some where in there. One out of seven doesn't seem to be enough. But then I think two also seems like to many days off. If I start taking Monday and Friday off that just seems like a lot! Yea I know recovery is important but it's hard to do.

If I run tonight and swim the rest of the week with a mtn. bike ride on Thursday, that's a lot of exercise! Yet I feel like I need to step it up!

Now to change subjects, I dug the little RM65 out of the shed last night. It needs a little bit of work and we are gonna get it ready to ride. The kids and I have decided it's time to start riding the motorcycles again. We haven't ridden in awhile and Chase loves it. So does Cody, and now that the bike racing seems to have taken a back seat we are gonna do something as a family!

I am flexible so now it's time to flex. As long as I am doing something with the kids, that's all I care about! Believe me I would much rather be racing and riding the bicycles but they are kids, they get tired of things.

They move on!

I could just say oh well and keep riding by myself. But there is gonna come a time when that happens anyway. I personally want to prolong that as long as possible. Cody is gonna head to college in another year or two and Chase is only four years behind him. So if I tell myself the truth I only have about 5-6 more years of being a part of their everyday life.

Actually that only applies to Chase. Cody will be moving to the college stage within the next 2 years. I personally don't look forward to riding by myself!!!!

Damn! Life is too short...........

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