Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What Do ya' Do......

So we had a good weekend and right now I can say I think I avoided the crud. Karen is better and Chase is doing well so hopefully it's gone and Cody and I are safe. I haven't used any days yet this year and want to keep it that way.

My first day off will be the Friday before the Cooper River Bridge Run, then I have a week planned in June. I am being stingy with my days this year, at least for now. Something will come along and I will gladly use some. I don't think I have ever made the month of December with any left. It just ain't happening.

So anyhow I used yesterday as a rest day. Then hit the pool this morning. I only did 1250 yards. Last week I did a mile to start the week on Tuesday and it made my shoulders hurt. So this week I am gonna start slow and build up to my mile on Thursday. Then finish with 1250 on Friday. That might workout better.

I do plan to run tonight. Then when it dries out in another day or so I will hit the woods! Life is good right now and I want to take advantage of that. Summer is like a week away and I can't wait!

I hear the mountains calling my name!!!!!  

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